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du diamand
Experience a breathtaking spectacle at the Cirque du Diamand, where our professional acrobats perform in a dazzling arena made of gleaming diamonds. This stunning show captivates audiences throughout the evening, holding your breath with each gravity-defying maneuver and spectacular display of skill and agility. Marvel at the precision and artistry of each performer as they blend classic circus elements with modern aesthetics, creating a unique and unforgettable visual feast that sparkles with intensity.
Let the sensual rhythms of Buddha-Bar transport you to the land of Gandhi with our vibrant Bollywood Show. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Indian cinema as dancers in ornate costumes perform intricate choreographies to enchanting Bollywood beats. This show not only entertains but also tells captivating stories through dance, celebrating the spirit and cultural richness of India. Feel the energy and passion as each scene unfolds, bringing the magic of Bollywood right to your doorstep.
et strass
Briller et vous éblouir, grâce à leurs tenues à paillettes, leurs bijoux en strass et à plumes. Un Show magique et exceptionnel au rendez-vous!Prepare to be dazzled by ‘Plumes et Strass’, a magical and exceptional show where glamour and elegance take center stage. Our performers don stunning glittering outfits, adorned with rhinestone jewels and feathered accessories, creating a spectacle of sparkle and allure. This show combines the allure of cabaret with the splendor of a fashion runway, offering a feast for the eyes with its glamorous costumes and dynamic performances. Be captivated as the performers shimmer under the spotlight, delivering a performance that blends the art of dance with the extravagance of theatrical costume design.
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Our dinner show sets the stage for your enchanting evening

Buddha Bar Marrakech

Located in the heart of Marrakech, our restaurant offers a captivating dining experience with a blend of culinary artistry and innovative mixology. Set in an elegant atmosphere, guests can enjoy a rich array of flavors and exceptional service, making every visit memorable.


Intersection entre Bd Mohamed 6 et Bd de la Menara

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